In the late 1990's Hennig identified a need for clients to have access to low-cost manufacturing facilities that could be tailored to their specific requirements, without the inherent risks and capital investment of setting up their own offshore operations.

The search for a solution led, in 1997, to the establishment of WDM (Worldwide Diamond Manufacturers), a factory established in the Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone (VSEZ) on the east coast of India.

This facility offers dependable high-tech diamond manufacturing services, economies of scale without the costs of idle capacity when production needs to be scaled back, and full control of output parameters in production lines dedicated to individual clients.

Following on from the success of WDM, additional services were added through DMMC (Diamond Manufacturing and Management Consultancy) offering manufacturing consultancy and factory management.

Now combined under the Constell umbrella, these companies offer manufacturing services in a number of Producer countries, employing hundreds of local citizens and meeting the beneficiation objectives of Governments including significant skills transfer and value addition to diamonds.

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