Consulting & Strategic Development

Hennig has established a unique position in the diamond industry. As a non-diamond trading, service-oriented company, we have built our reputation as a neutral and professional expert over more than 130 years.

Our international spread, with offices in all major manufacturing centres and close relations with major industry players including governments; miners; Rough dealers; polishers; jewellery manufacturers; retailers and institutes, provides Hennig with a macro and micro perspective on the entire diamond pipeline, from mine to consumer.

This advantage enables Hennig to harness vast knowledge and expertise that help our clients develop their businesses successfully in the diamond Industry. Using our global spread of resources, we advise our clients on new business opportunities and help them achieve their strategic goals.

Our clients benefit from our reputation in the market, where an introduction from Hennig carries weight. We are instrumental in building successful business relationships and partnerships for our clients, helping them avoid many of the pitfalls that exist in any business endeavour. Hennig offers a suite of services catering to the requirements of diamond related companies across the pipeline

Our wide range of expertise (spanning Rough procurement, manufacturing, and downstream marketing) ensures that we bring synergy to our clients' businesses. We offer this insight through our own executives' expertise and through Hennig group companies and affiliates such as WDM; DMMC; Diamond Realisations and Lucy Platforms.



Consultant -Strategy

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