Brokering & Rough Sourcing

Our core activity is ensuring that our Sightholders receive the volume and type of Rough diamonds they apply for, and guiding and nurturing our non-Sightholder clients to reach a level of maturity required to achieve Sightholder status (see becoming a Sightholder).


Ever increasing competition for a constantly reducing supply of Rough means that not all Sightholders' requests can be satisfied. This increases the importance of aligning clients to a number of criteria DTC (under their SoC policy) set out to determine the volumes and types of Rough each client will receive. Our primary role is to guide our clients in understanding, assessing and fulfilling those criteria.


Hennig uses its unique position in the diamond pipeline, our scale, the diverse skills of our personnel and our proprietary IT programme to help clients prepare their submissions for assessment, analyse the availability of specific types of Rough and guide clients through the application process.


Our Rough sourcing group company, Diamond Realisations Ltd. is active in helping our Sightholder and non-Sightholder clients to source Rough.


Where the DTC is not able to supply our clients' requirements, we are instrumental in helping our clients find alternative sources. This could be either from second hand DTC boxes, the secondary market, or helping clients present their cases to other Rough suppliers.

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