Brokering & Rough Sourcing

Hennig's core activity is to ensure our clients have access to adequate volumes of the type of Rough diamonds that they require.

Hennig can help secure rough diamonds from two main sources: De Beers Group, which remains a leading supplier of Primary Rough, and second-hand rough through our sophisticated online rough trading centre: Virtual Broker.


De Beers Group

A major source of Rough is from the De Beers Group which sells Rough diamonds through its trading arm DBGSS to a select group of customers known as Sightholders. We guide and nurture aspiring Sightholder clients to reach the level of business maturity required to achieve Sightholder status.

Once Sightholder status is achieved, we represent our clients' interests to maximise the chances that each client receives their required volume and type of Rough.

Increasing competition for a reducing supply of rough diamonds means that not all Sightholders' requests can be satisfied. This supply-demand dynamic heightens the importance of aligning Sightholders to De Beers' criteria for determining the volumes and types of Rough each client receives.

Using our global reach and through our representation of a largest number of De Beers Group Sightholders, Hennig is able to guide our clients in understanding and fulfilling these criteria, therefore taking maximum advantage of business opportunities.

Hennig also takes a highly proactive role in respect of relationship management, working closely with De Beers at all levels with the objective of developing a mutually supportive business relationship between De Beers and our clients.

Hennig uses its unique position in the diamond pipeline, our scale, the diverse skills of our team, and our unique proprietary IT applications to help clients prepare their representations to De Beers, to analyse the availability of specific types of Rough, and to guide clients through the relevant processes.

Where DBGSS is not able to supply our clients' full requirements, we are instrumental in helping our clients find alternative sources. This could be either from the secondary market, or by helping clients present their cases to other primary Rough suppliers.


Virtual Broker

Our Virtual Broker (VB) online Rough Trading Centre is a new unique digital platform for trading rough from major producers and from various other sources including second hand.

The platform offers state-of-the-art technology and online tools and is based on over 130 years of Hennig's experience in connecting diamonds and people worldwide.

VB's mission is to provide highly efficient, transparent, and accessible rough trading services, directly connecting rough diamond sellers and buyers worldwide.

Virtual Broker's customized algorithms ensure simple and effective rough diamond trading, translating the Industry's traditional offline trading processes to an easily accessible online environment.

The VB trading platform benefits from the synergy created by combining Hennig's unrivalled diamond trading expertise with Lucy Platforms, a cutting-edge software and AI specialist, which has rapidly gained considerable expertise in the diamond industry.


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