In 1997, Hennig's investment in Millenium Diamond Services Group Holdings Ltd (MDSGH) enabled the development of two core activities:


  • Processing (sub-contracting) -WDM
  • Management Consultancy - DMMC


WDM (Worldwide Diamond Manufacturers) is a leading Diamond manufacturing facility that was established in the Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone (VSEZ) on the east coast of India and currently employs over one thousand employees.


The factory specializes in cutting and polishing 2grs to 10 cts; Sawable, Sawn, Makeables, Chips and others, both Round and Fancy cuts, with a high quality make, using state-of-the art technology. WDM also provides Rough and Polished sorting services with a guarantee of product integrity and secure door-to-door shipping.

DMMC (Diamond Manufacturing and Management Consultancy) offers an extensive suite of services.

Since 1999, DMMC experience and know-how has been used to successfully manage factories across India, South Africa, Russia, China, Botswana and Namibia minimizing the learning curve and ensuring a cost effective and profitable operation.


The Consultancy services being offered by DMMC include:

  • Enterprise Solution- setting up and managing new factories for clients
  • Technology Consulting
  • IT Systems - The Factory Management System
  • Finance & Costing systems
  • Standard Operating Systems & Procedures
  • H.R. Development


Clients need a strong partner with the expertise, resources and proven solutions to help navigate a dynamic business environment. DMMC and WDM bring their expertise to bear around the main areas they know and understand best, helping clients to:


  • Minimize capital outlay whilst still benefiting from the best practice process management skills
  • Improve profitability and productivity through operational efficiencies and focus on meeting customer needs
  • Expand volumes, markets and product offerings
  • Deal with a changing and challenging business environment


Utilizing DMMC and WDM experience and process management, our objective is to offer customers the benefits of cost effective outsourcing, providing access to a large resource pool, whilst effectively managing and mitigating risks associated with off-shoring operations.


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