BPC (Best Practice Consultants) is a specialist consultancy firm serving the global diamond industry. The BPC team is committed to guiding diamond companies, regardless of size or location, through the Diamond Best Practice Principles (BPP) Assurance program. Our focus is to help clients in the industry maximise their business potential by achieving BPP compliance, making their internal processes more efficient and thereby gaining long-term business advantages.


The Challenge of Best Practice Principles (BPP)


BPP compliance can be a challenge for Sightholders, who find themselves having to divert valuable time from running their daily business activities to handling this process. BPC provides the logical solution, undertaking managerial and administrative tasks and speeding the way to BPP compliance.



The Benefit of Experienced Consultants


Dealing with all the aspects of BPP compliance is a complex process that requires specialised knowledge. Our skilled team of professionals have been trained to implement a comprehensive, hands-on program for BPP. We guide clients at every stage, from gap analysis through implementation of all corrective processes up to the approval of compliance. In addition, our rich knowledge of all current BPP legislation and procedures ensures that our clients take the fastest and most cost effective track towards complying with BPP requirements.


Sightholders who work with BPC benefit from a results-driven and highly experienced consulting firm. Our first-hand training by DTC experts, in addition to our extensive understanding of BPP auditing in diamond factories and offices worldwide, gives us the tools to help Sightholders achieve higher business goals.


Additionally, we have gained rich industry experience through our work with leading organisations in the diamond industry in 13 countries: United States, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Israel, Mauritius, South Africa, Botswana, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan.


A Comprehensive and Modular Solution


Without the right navigation, completing the journey towards compliance of Best Practice Principles can be frustrating and time-consuming. That is why BPC offers a modular approach to suit each client's special circumstances.


We give our clients the flexibility to decide at what level we can give them the most effective assistance.


Scope of Work for a Facility:


Step 1 - Gap Analysis

Full Gap report submitted to the client


Step 2 - Proposal for Closing the Gap

Corrective Action Plan (CAP) submitted to the client


Step 3 - Facilitating Implementation of CAP and Required Training on BPP

Comprehensive set of documentation, including: policies, procedures, forms, training materials, training classes, recommendations on required construction (if needed), recommendations on equipment procurement.


Step 4 - 2nd Party Audit

BPP Audit report submitted to 3rd Party Auditor by the client


Step 5 - Facilitating 3rd Party Audit

BPC onsite presence during the Audit


Step 6 - Ongoing Maintenance

Documentation, training, follow-up

Going beyond BPP Requirements 


BPC already works with some of the leading names in the diamond industry. Our achievement in winning these prestigious companies as clients points to our success in looking beyond current BPP requirements. We base our skills on over 30 years of experience, implementing integrated management and quality systems in high-tech, aerospace, telecommunications, government, healthcare, food processing, education and defence fields.



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