Since its foundation in 1890, Hennig  played an important role in the development of the diamond industry.

  • New barch launch at 1890 in New York


    I Hennig founded by Isidor Hennig in Ely Place, London.

  • hennig 2001


    G Prins persuaded Sir Ernest Oppenheimer to supply the Diamond Industry in Israel.  The first diamonds from De Beers to the new Israeli industry were shipped through Hennig. 

  • hennig 2001


    First officially imported Rough diamonds to India supplied by Hennig.  Sourced in South Africa, the goods were shipped to London and then to Mumbai.

  • 1946


    Hennig clients were the first wave of Indian Sightholders to receive Rough from the DTC.

  • 1963


    MJS Hatzor, previously the Israeli Government's Diamond Controller, appointed as the first permanent Hennig representative in Israel.

  • 1964


    Opening of New York Office

  • 1970


    Opening of Antwerp Office

  • 1974

    Opening of Hennig House in Israel

  • 1990

    Hennig celebrates Centenary

  • 1991

    Opening of Thai office

  • 1992

    Opening of Indian office

  • 1998

    Opened diamond polishing factory at Vishakapatnam

  • 2001

    IHennig.com our Extranet, and Intranet launched

  • 2002

    Hennig London corporate office move to Ely Place

  • 2005

    Opening South African Office

  • 2007

    Launch of Isidor

  • 2008

    Opening Botswana Office

  • 2008

    Opening Surat Office

  • 2011

    First Tendering and Online activities with affiliated companies Verichannel and Fusion Alternatives

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