Eyal Axelrod 


Eyal Axelrod is the Managing Director of I. Hennig (Overseas) Ltd in Israel. Eyal joined the company in September 2003 as a broker in the Tel Aviv office, servicing Israeli clients and providing consultation on improving their standing with the DTC. Eyal earned his BA in Communication and Management from Tel Aviv College of Management in 1998, where he studied upon completion of his mandatory military service in the Israeli Air Force. After graduating, Eyal relocated to the US where he worked for five years as a development and marketing executive at a Hollywood movie production company, based at Warner Brothers Studios. In 2009 Eyal was awarded an MBA from Tel Aviv University and at the same year was appointed to his current position where he is also responsible for trading rough diamonds through Diamond Realisations (Overseas) Ltd., Hennig's local rough diamond dealing company.