Kersi Bhikhaji 


Kersi Bhikhaji graduated in commerce (B. Com) from Mumbai University in 1989. He joined Hennig in 1995 and was initially involved in accounts and administration work. Since he had propensity of connecting with people, he was encouraged to join the broking side of the business dealing directly with clients.

He now works exclusively with Sightholders and potential clients to provide assistance for their diamond activities with DTC and other rough suppliers. Kersi was instrumental during the formation of IGI in India and had taken many initiatives since by marketing diamond grading courses in Mumbai and Surat.

Kersi has travelled extensively to the cutting centres including recent visits to South Africa and Botswana to stay in touch with developments as the business increasingly moves to Africa.

Kersi Bhikhaji is married to Ferozi with two children, Freea and Burzin.