As a global company Hennig embraces diversity and respect for different cultures, religions and local requirements. Employees of both genders, from different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, generations and backgrounds contribute their skills and different perspectives to improving our services and delivering them to our customers.


Stakeholder relations


As a world leader in diamond broking and consultancy, Hennig has a responsibility to act according to world-class corporate responsibility benchmarks. At Hennig we recognise and perform the obligations we have towards our people, investors, customers, suppliers, competitors and the community as a whole. We believe our reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom we deal, to be our most valuable asset.  We therefore demand and maintain the highest ethical standards in carrying out our business activities.


Hennig has embraced the efforts of transferring beneficiation processes to diamond producing countries and our group is a major contributor to the transfer of knowledge and diamond skills to previously deprived segments of the population in these countries. 


All of our employees are required to abide by our ethical policy, which outlines Hennig's core values and approach to doing business. The protection of our reputation is of fundamental importance and employees are aware of the implications of breaches of policy. The policy helps to uphold the reputation of our company and staff and maintains public confidence in Hennig.  


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