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For over 120 years, Hennig's primary role has been to help our clients procure Rough diamonds and develop their business.


Hennig aims to successfully manage the relationship between our clients and De Beers Global Sales (DBGSS).  We work to ensure that clients fulfil the DBGSS 'selection criteria; are equipped with the most up-to-date market information and are fully aligned with current industry trends. Hennig is the largest Sightholder Broker to the DBGSS.


In the late 1930's and early 1940's, Hennig was instrumental in developing the diamond industry in the soon to be established State of Israel. Hennig helped the local industry to obtain the first direct supply of Rough diamonds from the Central Selling Organisation, (CSO) the forerunner of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) and now known as DBGSS. Confident that the industry would grow, in 1963 Hennig became the first international diamond broker to appoint its own representative in Israel.


During the post war years, Antwerp emerged as the major European diamond-trading centre and most of the leading Antwerp names have dealt with Hennig in one way or another.


Likewise, the diamond industry in the USA expanded, thanks largely to the wartime influx of dealers and manufacturers from Europe.  Many in the American trade continue to look to Hennig for their broking services.


Israel, Antwerp and the USA were not the only markets to develop after the Second World War. By the late 1940's, India, the country with the oldest diamond tradition of all was re-emerging as a manufacturing centre.  Aided by the lifting of the Indian government's embargo on diamond imports in the 1960s, India began to establish itself as the largest cutting centre, in terms of workforce, in the world. By advising the Indian industry on improvements to its manufacturing skills and the development of sales outlets as well as presenting their merits to the CSO, Hennig played a similar role in India as it had previously done in Israel. As with the other centres, most of the important names in the Indian industry have also been associated with Hennig.


In addition to playing an important role in the development of the diamond industry, Hennig played an active role in handling the purchase of several famous diamonds. Amongst others, the 726-ct Jonker Diamond in 1935, and the 968.9-ct Star of Sierra Leone in the 1970's, both purchased by Harry Winston.


Anticipating changes to the industry, we have continued to expand our diamond and diamond jewellery services; Hennig has invested in Worldwide Diamond Manufacturing Pty Ltd (WDM), a hi-tech manufacturing facility in Visakhapatnam, India. This facility allows us to offer contract manufacturing for Rough polishing and sorting that would otherwise be uneconomical to produce in local centres.  A sister company of WDM, DMMC Ltd, provides consultancy advice to, develops plans for and manages manufacturing facilities in newly emerging and established manufacturing centres.


Hennig together with its group companies and affiliates offers consulting services to governments and industry related bodies including participants throughout the diamond pipeline from governments, miners and manufacturers, to jewellers and retailers.


Our offices in London, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Surat, New York, Bangkok, Johannesburg and Gaborone, ensure clients have the best possible presence and representation in all the major diamond centres. This global reach, linked with state-of-the-art information technology, affords our clients real-time market information, historical data, and the analytical tools required to make informed business decisions.


At Hennig, we continue to add to our portfolio of services, thus ensuring a pivotal role in the diamond industry of the future.


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