Hennig and De Beers


Hennig's relationship with De Beers spans over a century. At the turn of the last century when De Beers was looking for clients, Hennig was one of the few brokers accredited with the mission of presenting and vouching for eligible customers. Over the years Hennig played a pivotal role aiding De Beers and acting as an intermediary on different occasions in both Russia and the USA.

During the 1940's, Hennig's Managing Director George Prins persuaded De Beers to sell goods to the fledgling Israeli diamond market, thereby opening new markets for Rough diamonds and creating a vibrant industry in Israel. Similarly Hennig played an important role in the development of the now thriving Indian Industry, introducing promising companies to De Beers and becoming the first broker with clients receiving direct supply in India. Today Hennig represents some of De Beers' most important Indian clients.


Over the years, with the introduction of each new set of Sightholder selection criteria, Hennig's role evolved to accommodate the new sales and selection strategy.

Prior to the start of a new supply contract period, Hennig advises applicants for Sightholder status on the likelihood of a successful submission. By helping clients prepare their submission to De Beers, Hennig ensures the best possible outcome given the availability of supply and fierce competition. 

 Hennig represents the largest number of companies on the De Beers' client list and offers De Beers a service by disseminating information and strategic goals to mutual clients and offering market intelligence and client feedback to De Beers on their initiatives.

 De Beers values Hennig's experience and client knowledge and consults with Hennig on new initiatives. Hennig's role is to represent its clients' individual and collective interest in these consultations. Through the long years of work together, a symbiosis between our two companies has developed.


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