Brokers To De Beers


At the turn of the last century when De Beers Group was looking for clients, it relied on brokers to find eligible customers, so brokers effectively worked for both the supplier and the customer.  Brokers had to convince De Beers Group that the client was a respected player in the diamond business, that they had adequate financial means and would handle the goods in the manner in which De Beers Group wished to see them handled. Gradually the competition for the coveted Sightholder status grew fierce and the brokers' role evolved to helping clients attain this status and managing their relationship with De Beers Group.


 With the introduction of new Sightholder selection criteria over the years the brokers' role evolved to accommodate the new way of doing business with De Beers Group. Hennig led the way in adding a host of new services to help clients meet the selection criteria published by De Beers Group.  Although no longer mandatory, almost every client elects to be represented by one of the brokerage firms. De Beers welcomes the continued contribution to be made by brokers in providing services to Sightholders.


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